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What do you think- about a ring situation?

So we were initially engaged in 2008. Purchased a house and started planning. I broke things off, we broke up. Started back dating in December 2009 since then we have moved in together and have decided we are ready to get married. (We have been dating since college the first round- I am 31 now)

I gave the initial ring back and he sold it to a jewelry place (pawn shop) we went there in Jan. to see if it was still there (it had been there since the end of 2008) and they said no someone purchased it. So now I don't have a ring. But I have three options:

1. Wait until we buy the wedding set to have a ring
2. Buy someone else's ring from a pawn shop
3. Buy a CZ ring, don't tell anyone, and keep it moving until we get closer to the wedding and are able to buy the wedding set?

We cant afford to buy one right now as we are putting our currently saved money into the deposit for the wedding/reception space.

What do you guys think?
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Re: What do you think- about a ring situation?

  • rarditorardito member
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    I would probably wait until the wedding set was purchased, when you can afford it.  Sometimes you can get all three rings as a set.


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  • I think I would just do the set as well.  When someone asks it is easy enough to say that you are purchasing them all together.  You don't need to wear an engagement ring just to plan the wedding.
  • I agree with PP that I would wait to get the set. This also ensures you get the set you want and that they rings will fit and go together.

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  • I have to agree, go with the set!
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  • em01092em01092 member
    Go with the set, or get a CZ ring and don't say anything about it. You can always upgrade later if you want to. 

    No one will ever know but you, FI, and your jeweler. People don't usually ask if your diamond is real, they assume it is, but they may ask the size. Is CZ weighed in carats? I would be honest if someone DID ask though, and just say you plan to upgrade later. 
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  • You're fine doing whatever you want to do.  If you have your heart set on that particular set you can't afford now it will be worth waiting for.  Then you'll have it for many years.  What's a few more months?
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  • Ladies,
    Thanks for your advice. It is funny a chick at work today had a new wedding set on
    (I noticed because I really like her original ring) and I asked her if she got a new ring. She said no, it was a CZ set because her original didn't fit after she had a baby!

    I haven't even started really looking for a wedding set I just know what type and style of rings I like. So we shall see. You guys gave great advice!

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  • dtronoldtronol member
    Option 3 for sure - I personally would feel weird being engaged with a naked finger. No one has to know it's CZ!
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  • @ Darcie.. I know!
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  • I would just buy the set at the same time.  My FSIL's ring kept losing diamonds --(HUGE HINT DO NOT RESIZE THE RING MAJORLY) and she wore a plan thin band.  Maybe cost her $100.

    If you still want the ring there is a website that sells CZ rings to match the real diamond rings.  If you buy the CZ one and go with them for the real one they will use the CZ payment towards the real one.  So you would get the CZ to look like real ring
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