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XP: Plane tickets

Our plane tickets to Cozumel, Mexico (if we decide to go there) are slowly going down. Only $20 a piece so far, but still going down.

I know that some websites offer a refund if the price goes down, but what are the stipulatons on that? Does it have to be the same flight number, for example? Do all the websites do that, I have been watching Expedia.
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Re: XP: Plane tickets

  • I think that its usually if the price goes down within 24 hours of the purchase.
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  • I think it depends per website.  I believe orbitz.com gives you back the difference if someone else books the same exact flight for a cheaper price.  yapta.com will you give a refund after dropping a certain amount (amount varies depending on airline).
  • DiLynn83DiLynn83
    edited January 2012
    Southwest will adjust the price accordingly, no matter how much it goes down, and you can adjust several times.  You don't get the money back, but you get a credit toward a future flight.

    I know this won't help in your case, just an FYI if you ever fly domestic and run into this issue.
  • check the specific website.


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