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Commencement mishap?

So, I got a friendly e-mail this afternoon asking why I hadn't confirmed my attendance for commencement next month.
Um, WHAT? I'm supposed to graduate in December 2011...I added on a 2nd major and it backlogged me a semester. My FI also graduates in December, but he got the same e-mail!
We'd both applied for graduation, and the school puts you in the slot that you are approved for.. but I highly doubt that these facts have been checked. I know that I at least need one class left for my 1st major to take this summer, and then 4 classes to fulfill my 2nd major in the Fall. FI also has 14 credits to take between Summer/Fall to fulfill that 120credit mark requirement.
So.....I called and asked what was up, and was informed that I can walk in the May commencement and still continue to finish my degree until the Fall. ??!?!?!?
I'd love that, I hated the idea of December graduation at first but learned to like it because it still meant, graduating. Right?!
So.. what do you ladies think? Should we walk in May and just continue finishing our classes? Will it take away from the excitement? (I still have grad school, so it won't be like I'm "finished" anyway..lol)
When I was at comm. college getting my associate's, I walked in May but still took classes in the summer and it never phased me. This is so, last minute (and mid-final studying) so my head hasn't quite grasped the option just given to us. Ah!
Advice?? Please? Undecided
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Re: Commencement mishap?

  • My BIL did it, it was common at my school for people to walk with their classmates in May but not get their actual diplomas until their requirements were completed later.  It's really up to you - I might feel weird walking and getting congratulated and everything when I hadn't actually graduated, but if you have family that would like to attend it might be easier for them to come in May than in December (or vice versa) so maybe you could check with them.  At my school the December ceremony is much less ceremonial and formal, so if that would bother you that's another factor.
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    At my school we don't have a December graduation. So you have to do it the May after you graduate. Why not go ahead and do it in May beforehand? It seems like it would be better?

    Clarification: You can finish in December obvously, there just isn't an official ceremony so you have to come back to the town or something if you've moved. 
  • Where I went you could graduate in May or December but the ceremony was only in May so you could walk before or after you technically graduated (which ever you wanted).
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/special-topic-wedding-boards_students_commencement-mishap?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Special%20Topic%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:684Discussion:f5982caa-4a19-40fa-86bb-58d9b7c10951Post:5e9d3c23-56a9-47f3-bc3a-d3a5d01157f1">Re: Commencement mishap?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Where I went you could graduate in May or December but the ceremony was only in May so you could walk before or after you technically graduated (which ever you wanted).
    Posted by MMRoberts11[/QUOTE]

    <div>This. I say just walk. I doubt it will make it less exciting. Due to some personal issues, I was unable to get my high school diploma until the fall after I was supposed to graduate, but I still walked with the rest of my class. It's not dishonest or weird. </div><div>
    </div><div>I say go ahead and do it and have fun. And good luck with finishing your degree! How exciting!</div>
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  • I wouldn't want to walk until I was actually done. At my school, there is no convocation after the winter term, so if you finish in December you still convocate in May (and it's the following May, typically). We have one in October for those who finish their degree in August instead (it's small though).
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