Tux Rental in Billings?

Who to rent tuxes from in Billings?  We live out in Maryland.  So it has to be someone with a fairly large stock or ability to order in something we can find out here. 
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Re: Tux Rental in Billings?

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    There are three main tux rental places in billings.
    Treasure State
    Step N Out
    iIlusions Plus

    They all start about in the same price range. Usually starting at $65 for jacket, shirt, shoes, etc. The price is the same for young children as it is for adults.

    We went to Step N Out to reserve ours, and avg'd $70 per person. A friend did them at Illusions plus and I think they got away wth $60 per person. Illusion plus is more of a magic /tricks place but their tuxes seemed fine, I just preferred Step N Out. They also can order in a TON of different styles and colors. I'm sure the others can as well.
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    Got ours from Stepn' Out and we're at 55 a guy.
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