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MSU Chapel vs. Lansing Cathedral

Hi Ladies!  I'm recently engaged and trying to finalize the church and reception venue for our December 2012 wedding.  My fiance and I are both MSU alum and interested in having our ceremony at the alumni chapel.  The only problem I have is that the chapel seats around 190, including the alter, and we're going to have about 250 guests.  We have reserved the MSU Union ballroom for the reception.  We have our priest lined up and will be having a full Catholic mass.  Anyone out there having a wedding at the chapel with similar numbers or have you attended a large wedding ceremony there??  I also like the Lansing Cathedral and we wouldn't have to worry about space there. 

I also know that sometimes, guests will only come to the reception, however, the 250 is mainly family which I know will all be attending the ceremony.

Any help would be great!

Re: MSU Chapel vs. Lansing Cathedral

  • My DD was married at the chapel and had about 140 people at the ceremony.  The chapel certainly was full.  250 would definitely exceed the capacity, especially with a full mass where people would be crammed in for an extended period of time.  I think with that many guests, you would be better off at the cathedral.

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    I don't think the chapel will even allow you to have more than 190 people- it's probably against the fire code.  Plus, it's pretty inconsiderate to make people stand during the ceremony, especially if you're having a full mass.  I think you will avoid multiple problems if you go with the Cathedral.
  • Thank you for the input!  I just need the confirmation that no, you really can't fit any more than 190 in there.  And I agree that we can't hold it at the chapel knowing that we're inviting people that won't have a seat.

    Thanks again!
  • Mine is at St. Mary Cathedral downtown. It's massive, but parking is way better and it's my parish so I'm only paying $200 instead of the $700 the chapel costs.
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