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What happens to your engagement ring on the wedding day?

This may be seem to be a series of really really stupid questions below but for some reason I couldn't find the answer to. 

On my wedding day, do I wear my enagement ring down the aisle and then have FI put the wedding band on my finger during the ceremony?
Also, what happens at the ceremony rehearsal? Do I wear my ring? 
My wedding band and enagement ring was a set, when do I weld the two rings together?

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Re: What happens to your engagement ring on the wedding day?

  • If you want them sautered together, you should contact your jeweler to see how long it will take. Mine told me I could drop it off Monday to have it back by Friday. I don't plan on having my sautered however, so I'll be wearing my engagement ring up until Saturday morning when it will be on my right hand. After the ceremony I'll put it on my left hand again. I love my ring and don't want to not wear it on my special day. Hope this helps!
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  • If you aren't having them soldered together, most people wear them on their right hand and then move them to the left after the wedding ceremony.
  • I wore mine on my left hand and DH just slide on the wedding band above it.  I I later switched them so the band was at the bottom.
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  • In Response to Re: What happens to your engagement ring on the wedding day?:
    [QUOTE]I wore mine on my left hand and DH just slide on the wedding band above it.  I I later switched them so the band was at the bottom.
    Posted by HobokenBride2012[/QUOTE]

    I did this too.
  • I'll be wearing mine on the right hand then switching it to the left after the ceremony.  My rings are a set too, but I'm not having them sautered together.  If you want to have that done before the ceremony, just see how long it would take and make sure you give them enough time to have it done before the big day.  If you want to do it afterwards, just take it whenever.
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  • I'm planning on wearing my engagement ring on my right hand and moving it over later. I'm also not planning on jointing thm together. Long story short (ring shape, custom band, etc), I want to be able to wear them separately.

  • ok - it isn't sautered.  It is soldered.
  • I want to "like" skippylou's last post.  It's soldered. Why, I'll never know....but it is. 
  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    I gave mine to the pastor before the ceremony with our wedding bands and my FI/H put it onto my finger during the ceremony after the wedding band went on.  I liked that there wasn't awkward ring switching, and my e-ring doesn't fit on my right ring finger anyways.

    The pastor said a little bit that I stole from another knottie, which was:
    "The engagement ring is a symbol of promise and intention. Now the intention is realized and the promise has been fulfilled. Please place the engagement ring on (Bride)’s finger over her wedding band to symbolize that the love that brought you together will always protect and sustain your marriage."

  • I wondered what to do too... not sure if I will wear mine on my riht hand or just leave it on my left and then switch the band under the e-ring later.
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  • You can do whatever you want.  Your fiance can put your wedding band on above your engagement ring and then you can switch them after the ceremony (which is a good option if you have a special ring that you want to wear on your right hand).  You can wear your engagement ring on your right hand and then move it to your left hand after the ceremony.  Or your fiance can put your engagement ring on your finger too, with or without some kind of mention like Naomi suggested.  There isn't a "rule" about this and whatever works for you is fine -)
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  • I wore my e-ring on my wedding day. When we put the wedding ring on, I put it on top of my e-ring for the time being and switched it after we left the ceremony. I also wore mine at our rehearsal (we didn't actually put our wedding bands on at the rehearsal).

    If yours are already soldered together, you could probably wear it or not. I would probably not wear it on your wedding day until you put it on during the ceremony, but I guess it's up to you if you want to wear it before then. My best friend got hers soldered together before the wedding and chose not to wear it until she was married.

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  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    I wore my engagement ring on my right hand and, after the ceremony, put it on my left hand.
  • I think everyone does something a little different depending on whether their rings are soldered or not, whether they have a separate e-ring and wedding band or just an e-ring, etc.

    I'm personally wearing both of my rings (e-ring and wedding band) before the ceremony for photos (and because I'll feel better not worrying that someone else is going to lose it).  RIght before the ceremony, I'll give my wedding band to our best man.  I'll wear my e-ring down the aisle.  FI will put my wedding band on top of my e-ring.  Right after the ceremony I'll quickly switch them over so that the wedding band is on the bottom.
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  • megan8290 I like to believe a stupid question is the one not asked. Don't worry, we're all here to help each other. I can't really help but I do have some questions: Can someone tell me the meaning of wearing both the e-ring and band? Is it necessary? And is it only for the ceremony or permanent? I saw a ceremony where the bride had her e-ring removed by her mother right before she met her groom at the altar so he placed only the band on her finger. I like this but my mother said that it is not correct and is unusual. Someone help, please?
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  • The American tradition is to wear the wedding band underneath the engagement ring, closest to your palm and thus 'closest to the heart.' Of course, not everyone does this now. Some just put their e-ring on their right hand and leave it there or only wear their wedding band or don't even get a wedding band... so it comes down to personal choice.

    The mom removing the e-ring does sound odd. I would not have wanted that at my wedding. As I mentioned before, though, my groom just put the wedding band over my e-ring and I switched them after the ceremony. I really think this is the most common way to do it.
  • we're having mine soldered together the week of... he'll take it tuesday (wah!) and get it back friday.... then i won't put it on until he gives it to me in the ceremony.... he'll keep mine in his pocket, and i'm going to have my MOH hold on to his... (i hope... if not, i'll put if on my thumb...) gonna be WEIRD not to have it all week... i'm gonna have to find something to wear... i'll feel so naked!! lol!!!
  • I'll probably leave my e-ring with my mom or grandma (who always has a pocket somewhere!) during the ceremony.  My e-ring doesn't fit on my other hand.
  • My engagement ring is REALLY difficult to find a band to go with it, so my current plan is to get two small bands and put them on each side (soldered). Otherwise I would have to get a custom made band to fit up against it (still an option). So I will probably not wear it during the ceremony and just have him put the whole ring on during. That's my current plan but.. my mind changes all the time about this!

    To add on to the question - if you did photos before the ceremony, did you wear both rings? Just the engagement ring?
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