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Invite question

Hi there! i am a newbie- and planning is also very new to me! :) 

My question is about invites. Obviously you have to have a number of people you want to invite to your wedding. How do you decide on a number to give to catering, etc? Say I was to invite 250. Do I expect around 200 to come? 

I know it changes on a case-by-case basis... but does anyone have tips or rules they go by? Thank you! :)

Re: Invite question

  • You have your RSVPs due back a few weeks before the wedding and then give the final head count to the caterer usually about a week before the wedding.  It will stipulate in your contract the exact date that the head count is due.
  • My count to the caterer is due one week before the wedding, so I have my RSVPs due back on March 1 to give me a couple days to make phone calls.
  • If you are trying to go for preplanning purposes the general rule I have heard is to account for a 20-25% no reply. Keep in mind this is by no means a science and will differ for everyone depending on circumstances and locations.
  • Eh.  There's no general rule.

    Some people have 100% of their invites come back "yes".  Some people have 30% come back "yes".

    Do what PP said and have your RSVPs due in time to have an accurate head-count for your caterer.
  • Never invite more people than a) your venue can hold or b) your budget will allow.  To do otherwise is asking for disaster.

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