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Does anyone know the expected price range for linens?  Any good recommendations on where to rent from in the northern VA area?  I'm thinking basic white, depending on cost.  Thanks!

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    A lot of the consensus that I've seen on various boards is that its generally cheaper (or comparable) to buy linens, plus when you're done, you can re-sell them to another bride and recoup some of the cost.  A lot of party rental companies that I've looked at locally have ridiculous handling fees or delivery fees, so if you don't need other equipment from them, it may not be worth it.  Check out linentablecloth.com or cvlinens.com. 

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    Definitely try to buy used from another bride on these boards. Maybe even look into buying new with another bride to be or two who are looking for the same style. It should be a lot cheaper than renting them.
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    If you decide you want to buy razatrade.com is a site that has really comparative pricing.. If you decide to rent I sugg DC Rentals. Also talk to your other vendors (venue and DOC) to see if they can get you a discount. Also if your venue can provide white linens for free, then just rent/buy overlays as they are much cheaper. HTH!
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