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How to "cancel" photographer

Hi! I need some advice!

I currently have a $100 deposit down on a photographer who is good but he''s very traditional. I booked him because he was a good deal but come to find out I'm much more into photojournalistic shots.  An old friend of mine (who is a photographer) is giving me a good deal on photography and is more that style.  How exactly do I properly tell the other guy I'm cancelling?


Re: How to "cancel" photographer

  • ceeceed80ceeceed80 member
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    Check your contract. There should be a cancellation clause in it. However, be prepared to lose your deposit. Some photographers have it in their contract that you will also owe them the balance of your contracted rate. Review that contract thoroughly! 
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    That's just it though, we haven't signed a contract yet with the current photographer...
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    With no contract, you are free to go. However, in the future, you should never give any amount of money without a contract. If the $100 was just to secure your date, then you definitely won't be getting it back.
    I would just send a curteous email explaining the situation and being clear that his/her services will no longer be needed.
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    I'm in the same boat... $200 down payment.. but I'm too scared to tell her! I"m worried I'll hurt her feelings!
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  • jemmini6jemmini6 member
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    In Response to Re: How to "cancel" photographer:
    [QUOTE]I'm in the same boat... $200 down payment.. but I'm too scared to tell her! I"m worried I'll hurt her feelings!
    Posted by herecomesthebride1986[/QUOTE]

    Why, she just got a $200 for doing nothing. LOL.  As long as you are a ways from your date, they can probably book someone else.  If not, they get $200 to take the day off.
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    You know what? Don't be scared. It's kind of a part of the game. Be as honest as you can without being hurtful, and realize that this is a business relationship - it's usually not (too) personal. It's fair to say "We decided we really wanted a more photojournalist (or traditional, or fun) style, and we found someone with a bit more experience in that style. We're not worried about the deposit, but wanted to let you know as soon as we'd made a firm decision"
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