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Anyone plan on skipping or adding any traditions for the reception?

By that I mean the bouquet and garter toss, dollar dance. I'm doing an anniversary dance which I had never heard of until I started planning. I kind of don't want to use up much time on the bouquet and garter toss because I just want to kick my heels off and dance until they kick us out :-)

Re: Anyone plan on skipping or adding any traditions for the reception?

  • We are not doing a garter toss or a dollar dance, and we are unsure of the bouquet toss.  I think you would be fine to nix the bouquet toss and the garter toss if you don't want it!
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  • No garter toss since I won't be wearing a garter.  dunno about the bouquet toss yet...

    Dunno about the dollar dance either.  That seems like such a stupid tradition but my friends want me to do it.
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  • I'm not doing the bouquet toss because most of my BMs are already married. I was thinking of offering my bouquet to my 81-year old grandmother who stayed married to my grandpa for almost 45 years before he passed away.
  • I'm throwing out a lot of traditional things at my reception.

    No dancing - (we don't like to dance & we are having a very small/intimate wedding)
    No garter toss
    No bouquet toss

    We are also having a coffee bar/dessert table only at our reception to save on money.

  • Similar to pp.
    We're not dancing.
    No garter toss and no bouquet toss

    We are a having pie instead of cake (but with a grooms cake for our guests that have to eat cake at a wedding) and a dessert table with a hot chocolate bar which I think the adults and children will equally love.

    Do what you love and skip the rest.
  • no garter toss, since I'm not wearing a garter.
    Don't think I want to do a bouquet toss.

    Not sure about the dollar dance.  I thought that was a local thing until I got on the Knot.

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  • I am doing a bouquet toss but not a garter toss. FI specifically requested not to do it and I have no problem with not dealing with the embaressment.
  • I seem to follow the trend. No bouquet or garter toss (really a yucky tradition, when you think about it for a second), no father daughter dance, no unity candle, no wedding cake. (We will be having a Viennese table and coffee bar instead.) In our ceremony, we will be doing a rose ceremony based on the ceremony in Weddingstar, although we are making the parts and not purchasing the kit. We are also eschewing the traditional bachelorette and beacholor parties in favor of a swanky cocktail party for siblings, young family members and bridal party the night before held at a local restaurant (complete with dancing and cocktail dresses).
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