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I'm sick of my 30 minutes on elliptical, 30 minutes of treadmill routine. So, any ideas would be appreciated!Favorite workout at the gym?Favorite way to mix things up?Favorite workout songs?

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    I do not workout at the gym. I switch between Wii Fit and Wii Active Whatever song is playing on the Wii. Sorry I'm not much help.

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    [b]Favorite workout at the gym?[/b] I prefer using an elliptical over running on a treadmill because I have bad knees, hips. My gym has 4 different kinds of elliptical machines, so I mix it up depending on the day. [b]Favorite way to mix things up?[/b] Yoga and spin class. [b]Favorite workout songs?[/b] Normally when I'm doing cardio, I watch the news.
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  • Favorite workout at the gym? [b]22 minutes bike, 22 minutes treadmill, 5 sets of crunches, some stretching on a ball.[/b] Favorite way to mix things up? [b]Work out outside in the summer, I jog along the river when it's nice. I also like to skip the gym altogether and do laps in a pool on occasion - when the weather's nice... which has been never this summer.[/b] Favorite workout songs? [b]There are way too many to count, but Britney and Lady Gaga are always on that list ;)[/b]
  • I do the lifefitness eliptical for 45 minutes, and then 15 minutes on the stairmaster if I can still stand. Best way to mix things up?  I try to do 30 minutes of cardio, then 30 minutes of weights, and then a little more cardio when I really need to kick it up. Favorite current workout music - Black Eyed Peas newest album....GREAT beats on it
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  • When I went to the gym I had a trainer.  My favorite workout ever (don't tell her this, because then she'll just torture everyone with it) was the day we went out to the river valley and ran stairs.  Serious stairs.  I ran stairs for 45 minutes.  I thought I would die.I don't have a gym membership or trainer anymore, but I do have a wii fit (no, I didn't stay at a holiday inn last night so take this with a grain of salt) and wii Active.  I'm loving the Wii Active because it is hard work.  I tend to switch things up by going for a walk, switching from Wii Active to Wii Fit and doing stuff around the house like building fence, deck and painting stuff.Ummm, I've got nothing.

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  • Favorite workout:Spin and latin impact class (zumba)Mix it up: Go for a run along the lakeshoreSongs:Anything with lyrics that I know - usually bad 80s songs.
  • I do different things every day.  I love kickboxing and spin classes and do a lot of heavy weightlifting as well.  If you're only doing elliptical and cardio at the gym, you're doing yourself a huge disservice--weightlifting has incredible benefits.I just set out never to do the same thing two days in a row at the gym.  Classes help.I love the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and Jillian Michaels' podcast and the Savage Love podcast.
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  • I Jazzercise.  Yeah, it sounds goofy, but some of those routines tear you up.

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  • I have nothing to add but I am glad you posted this because I have wondered the same thing.  Usually I try to do as much outside just for a change of scenery. 
  • Favorite workout at the gym?I like classes - there's a hip hop class offered at my gym and it is really fun.  Favorite way to mix things up?I like to shake it up by doing Couch to 5k - it is challenging week-to-week and changes things up a bit.Favorite workout songs?Anything with a good upbeat tempo, I listen to hip hop mostly, because that's what the gym plays.  I particulary like, David Banner's, "Run, Girl..."  When I'm on the treadmill, it definitely getts me moving.
  • I'm not much help I either run on the beach or ride my bike on the boardwalk in summer, in winter I powerwalk on the boardwalk.  I can't do the treadmill I get very dizzy and have fallen more than once. 
  • I can't do the treadmill I get very dizzy and have fallen more than once. This is funny.
  • I should have video taped it.  I won't get on again the last time I fell I burned my leg pretty bad.
  • Favorite workout: Intervals on the treadmill, high inclines with slower mph, low incline with higher mph. Way to mix things up: I never do the same workout two days in a row. I do cardio a couple days a week, and bootcamp class, an aerobics/sculpting class, and yoga/pilates once each per week. It keeps things from getting boring and from my body getting to used to anything.Workout songs: 80s stuff, chick rock, basically anything fast.
  • I do p90x but when I did go to the gym Favorite workout at the gym? I like spin class. Favorite way to mix things up? I take classes or I get online and learn some new free weight moves. Favorite workout songs? I have a lot but here are a few Smack my B!tch up- Prodigy Dance, Dance- Fall out boy Rough Sex -Lords of Acid Twisted Transistor- Korn Breath- Prodigy Tears Don't Fall- Bullet for my Valentine All these things I hate- Bullet for my Val, Crawling in the Dark- Hoobastank Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park In the End- Linkin Park Faint- Linkin Park
  • (You can mix it up on the elliptical this way: 45 sec sprint, 1 min normal pace, repeat - I got bored then I kept changing my pace and I still get beat up on the elliptical)Favorite workout at the gym?Elliptical + weight lifting. I can't run - bad joints.Favorite way to mix things up?See above plus different machines for liftingFavorite workout songs?Anything hip hop, techno, house, pop
  • workoWoops, my bad.
  • Weird.  I responded to this, now it's gone.

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  • Favorite workout at the gym?I don't use a gym, but I'm tempted to join one just to have access to a pool.Favorite way to mix things up?FI and I are in heavy duty hiking training to prep for our vacation in Sept.  Hiking with weighted backpacks 3 days per week.  bike riding 1 day per week.  Stairs 1 day per week.  i supplement with some crunches and short Tae-bo DVD's.  In the winters I rotate through about 8 Tae-bo DVD's.Favorite workout songs?I have a few playlists with some high energy stuff, but it runs from "Cecelia" to Metallica, to country.. anything with a fast tempo can get thown into the mix.
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