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So my wedding is a little over 6 months away and none of my bridesmaids have taken the time to look at dresses or tried any on. Is it ok that I am starting to freak out or is this usual? What do you all think?

Re: Bridesmaids.

  • msmoore80msmoore80 member
    edited December 2011
    I think you still have plenty of time for BM dresses. They don't tend to take as long as wedding dresses to get in. Did you pick out what dress you want them to wear or do they have to find their own? Maybe it would be easier for your BM's if you just picked the dresses for them and just told them what to pick up and when it has to be done by. I only had my sister (MOH) with me to pick out my BM dresses and I'm just letting the other girls know what style/color they need to pick up from the shop. Maybe you could send them an email reminding them that it's getting close to the time when they have to order their dress. No one thinks about your wedding more then you do and with the Holiday's I'm sure they just forgot about it and need a little reminder. GL!
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    I am feeling your pain. There is a little less than four months until my wedding and I am feeling freaked out as well. Two of my bridesmaids have been nonchalant and have pushed things totally to the last minute. I am waiting on the junior bridesmaid's parents to get the move on. I think it is normal to be worried. I also feel like the message msmoore80 posted has some great points. If you feel uncomfortable then I would tell everyone that you would like to be there when they pick out their dresses and that it would be a nice experiences. If everyone can choose a date to go together that might help the situation. Good luck. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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    Not to scare you, but I'd start putting the pressure on.  There are so many places between just trying on, picking out dresses, ordering them, waiting for them to come in PLUS waiting time for alterations (which is almost a given).  I had mine ordered about 8 months prior to the wedding and they still didn't come in until 3 months before.
    Prepare for delays, just in case!
  • courtnikocourtniko member
    edited December 2011
    You definitely do want to start pushing them a bit.  It is getting close to crunch time.  My wedding is in April, and I ordered the dresses in October, they are not going to get in until February.  And then once they do get in they will likely need alterations.

    I am sure that it is going to be hard with the holidays, but if you could even get just some of them together to go pick out a dress, or do it yourself.  My girls are all over the country, so I picked the dress, sent photos, they all liked it and sent me their measurements, and I did the ordering.

    Good luck!
  • DeniseC526DeniseC526 member
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    thank you guys soo much for your input!! i really do appreciate it!! :)
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