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Garter/Bouquet Toss

Are you doing one or both?? How are you handing the removal of the garter: -going all out with your groom under the dress removing it with his teeth, -slipping it down to about the knee and doing a classy removal, -skipping the public removal and just having him toss it?? My FI doesn't care, but doesn't want to remove it (his family is very conservative and it would be embarrassing for both of us), I am not even sure if it is a used tradition anymore... help???

Re: Garter/Bouquet Toss

  • edited December 2011
    We did both.  During the bouquet toss we played "Single Ladies", it was a big hit :o)For the garter toss, I just had my MOH get the toss garter to DH earlier during the reception (I think he kept it at our table, not really sure where he kept it).  I didn't want to do the removal, the times I've seen it done it's just awkward!  Anyway, that's how we did it and it went really well...we played Boomer Sooner and had an OU garter, I think that helped motivate some of the single guys to get out there:o)  HTH!
  • lizardrach812lizardrach812 member
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    my fiance really wants to do the garter toss, but i do not. i don't really want to throw the bouquet either. i could take it or leave it...but if he wants to do it, i'm not going to deny him. however, under no circumstances will he be removing my garter with his teeth. i really wouldn't be comfy with that in front of our entire family.
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    We're doing both. Playing Sexy Back for the garter toss (with the classy removal, only using hands, no teeth), And playing Single Ladies also for the bouquet toss.
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