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allure 8524 - having second thoughts

i just purchased/ordered a dress from a bridal salon and now am having second thoughts about it.  the dress is allure bridals style 8524 - i am having second thoughts about it.  i just don't feel that this dress is really me or is really special.  i liked it just fine, but i never really had that "omg" feeling or felt like i really loved it.  i only got engaged 2 weeks ago, and i have been having so much stress and been dealing with a lot from my fiance's family that i think i wasn't really that excited about shopping.  i just sort of picked whatever because it looked ok and my mom liked it but now i just dont feel like thats my wedding dress.i guess i dont really know what i'm asking for.  advice or solace of any kind.  also if anyone else tried on this style or wore it i'd love to see pictures of someone wearing it.thanks ladies, i don't know what to do.

Re: allure 8524 - having second thoughts

  • I am also ordering this dress for my wedding next June. Like you, I thought there was something wrong with me when I couldn't find "the dress." I have been to at least a dozen different bridal shops in various states and ended up coming back to this dress. To me, it seems pretty, sophisticated, and quite flattering to the figure. And like the other girls said, you can always dress it up with some great accessories! For my wedding I am thinking of using a lace veil for the ceremony and a crystal ficcare headband for the reception. Good luck!
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