CD Favors?

Has anyone done or plan on doing CD favors? Can you recommend a software for creating the label and covers?

Re: CD Favors?

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    DH and I were married on July 11th and we gave out boxes of chocolates along with personalized cd's with a photo of us on the label.  We have had sooo many compliments on them since returning home, and I would really recommend using the Avery labels. We purchased ours at Office Depot and it was super simple to use.  We just went to the website provided on the package and it took us about 10-15 minutes to upload a photo, add text boxes, etc. HTH, good luck!! :)
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    I am almost done the CD's, but am in the same boat as regards the creating the labels and covers.  I see a lot of great programs out there for creating labels, but for me the crucial thing is the cd cover, because we are using vinyl cd's that look like LP's so I don't want to put a label over them as it defeats the point, LOL!I am checking out Home Depot and the Fed Ex Store (formerly Kinko's)Good luck!!
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    Hello there! I did CD favors for my July 4 wedding, and everyone loved them! :) Here is what I used for mine.I actually ordered my labels, because I figured the price of the labels would counteract all the time it would take me to print them out & the price of ink! I ordered them from myownlabels.com - this is the one that I got: http://tinyurl.com/my7ucd. Having the song titles on the CD also saved me from creating a sheet listing the song titles.I used white paperboard cases from Bliss Weddings Market - I actually got the idea for my design from that website. Here is a direct link to the cases: http://tinyurl.com/a3q8y.It took a lot of work to put the labels on the CD & to create the paper collars (idea from this website: http://tinyurl.com/m67rtq), but I think they came out great!Here is a pic of mine: http://tinyurl.com/kj7w9u.If you have any questions, feel free to email me: sunflowr0803 at gmail.com. GL!
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    hi! we're also doing cds. you could look into lightscribe cds, if your computer is able to, or if you have a close friend who has a computer compatible to do it. or cds with the labels already placed on them, and then get your designs printed on them at a print shop! just a few thoughts! we're doing lightscribe which is the easiest way ive found so far!
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