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Personal Shower?

Is anyone doing a personal shower? I am having one and opting out of a Bachelorette party. I'm a bit nervous I guess. I'm shy when it comes to talking about sex with other people or anything like that. I'm just shy on the subject and I want it to be classy not tacky. Were having a luncheon at the Full Moon Cafe in Tulsa. Let me know your thoughts if you've had one! Basically, Is it awkward?!

Re: Personal Shower?

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    My friends that came to my bachelorette party brought personal gifts with them. So, I didn't have a true personal shower, for me, that would be more awkward than the bach party...knowing you're there only to open sexy things. Anyway, we had a pretty hotel room, and I opened the gifts before we went to dinner. It was a lot of fun and kept the 'sex' talk to a minimum since we had other plans. ;o) Have fun!
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    I didn't have a personal shower but just a bachelorette party as well, they did gifts at dinner before we went out. They took me to a restaurant here in OKC and we thankfully got seated in their banquet/overflow room and were the only ones in there, otherwise there are def. gifts that would have been awkward to hold up in front of neighboring tables :) So, if you don't have a seperate are of the place, I would just recommend sitting in the chair that will draw the least amount of outside attention to seeing what you get. They might even accomodate some restaurant decor, or your large table placement for this request. You could also maybe have some of your bridal party find out which gifts are the most tame and they can direct you to open those first, that way you can ease into more shocking gifts (if there are any) than just go head in. For most of the personal showers I've been to where there has been an uncomfortable undertone after the first couple gifts everyone is relaxed and fine...they just need the ice to break, so to speak.
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    Instead of a true bachelorette party, me, my MOH (sister), BM, and my good friend who did our hair stayed in a hotel the night before the wedding.  We went out to eat, had a few drinks, and called it a night.  My 'personal shower' was thrown by my SIL.  There were about 6 of us (all close friends, none were family except SIL and my BM (she's DH's cousin)) and it was a Passion Party.  It wasn't really awkward, but we're pretty open with each other.  I told SIL I didn't want it to be trashy, just us girls having a good time, so she let the PP hostess know that and she tamed it down a little.  Let your bridal party know what you're wanting, and like pp said, maybe they can help direct you to which gifts you should start out with and can help steer other guests away from awkward sex-related conversation.  I'm sure your friends want you to have fun, so just try not to worry about it and have fun!
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