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How far in advance should I book...

makeup/hairstylist?I would LOVE it is I could find a makeup artist/hairstylist to come to the hotel we are getting ready at downtown to to work on me and my BMs, but will travel if I need to b/c my ceremony isn't until the evening.How far should I book this?  Also, any recommendations for a good person to contact in/around downtown?TIA!

Re: How far in advance should I book...

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    I booked a few months ago for my wedding this upcoming November, and I am going with Michele at michelestyle dot com - she comes to you and her prices (to me) seem very reasonable, and she does both hair & makeup.  I'm getting married on a Sunday evening and she had no problem with coming to my location. Hope that helps! tara
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    I have a friend who does make-up and would travel!  Let me know if you would like her information.  amandawiehl at msn dot com
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    If you know who you want then book them now. I get booked very quickly and have several 2010 weddings booked.
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    That's what I thought...but I don't know who I want!    I just moved her last year and my sister normally does my hair...and she refuses to on my wedding day (which I completely understand)! Guess I'll start inquiring>...
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    I used Blush, they came to us at the hotel (which was downtown), and were great.  I think I booked them about 5 months in advance.  Let me know if you need more info.
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