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St Joan of Arc in Orleans- music question

Anyone get married or getting married there? I am getting married there next fall and want to start researching ceremony musicians. I contacted the music director at church and he is encouraging me to use him on the organ and the vocalist Denise Hendrickson. I was just wondering if anyone used them or has heard them play/sing? Thanks,Lauren

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    I have no personal experience with weddings at that church.  But one option may be to hear the musicians perform at an upcoming wedding ceremony.  The organist at my church offered that as an option (you just dress nice, of course, and stay quietly in the back - services are open to the public).   Good luck!
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    I go to church at St Joan of Arc and Denise has a really beautiful voice. I've not seen her sing at a wedding but I am sure she'd do a great job.
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    Thanks Ladies!
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    Our wedding ceremony will be there next June! We were actually at mass yesterday and both the organ and vocals were really nice. I'm not sure if Denise was the vocalist, but the woman at the mass had short white hair and was very good. It was my first time at the church as well, so I was definitely relieved that the music was as nice as it was. They definitely have state of the art audio equipment and speakers (all Bose), which I was not expecting for a small church on the Cape. You have nothing to worry about! We met Father Bob quickly, and he seemed very nice and friendly as well. Good luck!
  • Hi Ladies,

    I just got engaged last weekend and am researching churches on the cape.  I am living in Philadelphia, but spent every summer on the cape.  I contacted St. Joan of Arc today after contacting a few churches that would not marry people from out of state.  casey and lauren, would you mind telling me how your experience was looking for churches on the cape and how you chose St. Joan of Arc?? I feel like I am having a difficult time!

    Thank you!
  • We're getting married at St. Joan of Arc next June as well. I have been a summer 'parishioner' for years out there and Art and Denise do a great job! We're planning on using them for our wedding.
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