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Personal Style vs. Wedding Style

Hi Ladies ~ a previous post today led to a dicussion about style...and it rasied q's and got me thinking about...What is your Personal Style Decor?Vs. Your Wedding Day Style? My Personal Decor style is modern & contempory, I prefer clean lines and grahpic prints: I'm more Crate and Barrel & CB2 then Potterybarn, but Pottery Barn also speaks to my comfy style.My Wedding Style is what I envision a Modern Garden Wedding to be - To me that means playing with the idea of what a reception should be - for us its Cocktail Party with yummy apps. in our backyard....it also means clean white plates, modern looking vases and mood lighting with candels and various style lanturns and lounge style seating....My dress is very classie and elegant yet with a slight modern twist -- The style is Martha Stuwart meets Dear Genevieve Looking forward to learning about everyones pers. style vs. wedding style

Re: Personal Style vs. Wedding Style

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    Personal Stye: Classic, Clean, Simple, Balanced...with a twist of fun/color sometimes.  <Less is more type>Wedding Style: Romantic Evening under the stars and chandeliers. Elegant, Classy. Turning Pink/Black into Pink/Navy where navy is the new black. Originally was thinking silver accessories...now thinking more golds and bronzes to give an opulent look.
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    personal style is pretty modern, clean lined, simple and contemporary with bold colors (think Pier 1); there's nothing girlie about me at all because I have a house full of men, but that's cool cuz I've always been a tom-boy anyways...LOL! wedding style is about the same but has a softer side to it (i.e. - butterflies); the motif of the peacock for our event is very masculine so I incorporated the butterflies to soften the feel of our evening plus I wanted to make sure our event truly embodied both of us and not just my personal taste...
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    Wow - I am boring so I dont really know: Personal Decor - I love dark wood finishes and browns and golds. My whole house is brown and gold really I am not into pictures but I love mirrors (w/gold framing of course) so I have a wooden canopy bed/wooden dining tables/other tables, mirrors and brown w/ gold really LOL! Wedding day Style - I wanted my favorite color brown (of course), I decided on the fuchsia after I didnt like muted colors like silver/champagne against the brown. I wanted the day to be fun and light, yet romantic all at the same time. I love butterflies, they were a must so they will be everywhere! I think I may be over doing it with them- I have about 200 butterflies for the church/reception.I wanted a whimsical feel because I have two girls and am getting a bonus child through marriage. The feel for the day is truly the blending of the families and the bond of our family.
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    Personal Home Style:  is also very modern, love the use of colors, very kind of "whats happening now" but at the same time, not to trendy but more timeless too. I love Peir 1, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Target-they have some cute stuff, Marshalls have nice accent home pieces. I try to get the bang for my buck. I watch home shows to insprire me with decorating etc. Wedding Style: My thoughts behind my wedding style was that I would be "different" anywhere that I could. I wanted a nice color scheme that really stood out-achieved. I wanted my reception decor to be "whimsical" and very classy-achieved. My wedding theme was "butterflies" and I incorporated them on the invites, invitations, STD, wedding website, wedding cake and I was going to put them on the tables but uhmm, I didnt (only like 2 per table). I used color table runners with all kinds of purple and green decor on the table like " freezed dried rose petals" they were so pretty and soft to my surprize. I was expecting them to "dry and brittle", Nope, not at all. I would say that I am very, very "lets think outside the box" type woman but not over the top...just very you know suttle but I want to make a lasting impression. I did months and months of research on "theknot" and thats why my wedding decor was sooooooo successful. if any of you watched True Blood the other night, the church that was on there, thats where I had my wedding (or let me say, it was the exact same building BUT, not that exact one. I guess my chapel has other locations nationally) so I didnt have to decorate at all b/c the place was filled with natural light along with the Japenese architercher (spelling) so I was so blessed, I didnt have to decorate there at all. my dress was very classic, simple, elegant and just very me. My wedding jewelry spoke for itself and added to the "classic"look i was going for. I wanted to look amazing on a budget and I found a dress that achived that.
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