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Shower tomorrow/vent inconsiderate FMIL

I am so excited, my who family is coming from out of town for my bridal shower!  But I am really frustrated.  My FMIL told me everything that was purchased on my list and then asked if I wanted to see my gift last night.  Ahhh.   When I told her I could wait till Saturday for the shower, she responded with I thought it was Sunday, good thing you said something...  I just sat there in amazement, then quickly left to go home to keep from yelling.  I am sure she know when the shower was, but was just trying to get a reaction from me.  I am proud of myself, I didn't feed into her little game.  Oh well, tomorrow is going to be great, my sister has put so much work into the shower, and the sun will be out.

Re: Shower tomorrow/vent inconsiderate FMIL

  • onlymelsonlymels member
    edited December 2011
    Gotta hate FMIL mine is trying to break us up. Enjoy your shower hopefully she wont say soemthing stupid and ruin it.
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