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New Hampshire

What to do?

Hi LAdies-Out of 130 invites sent, we still have 10 outstanding.  Our RSVP date was yesterday, so my mum and I were going to wait until Saturday before we do anything, but what exactly do you do?  She is the "host" and I am obvi the bride.  I believe this has been posted before, so I'm sorry, but who makes the phone calls?  What did you ladies do?  It's split pretty evenly between FI's list and my list (which I am very proud of my family because as a numbers person my RSVP return percentage kicked FI's butts...), and I don't know some of FI's people very well.  Thanks in advance!

Re: What to do?

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    We had my Mom take care of my side of the family and his Dad take care of his side. GL!
  • Steffy3217Steffy3217 member
    edited December 2011
    We dealt with the people we see/speak to more often. And then for the others we asked the respective parent to contact them.
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    I had who ever's list they were on follow up with them.. my mom, my dad, fi's parents, etc.10 isn't too bad to have to follow up with!! GL
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