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changing your name in PA/Philly

We recently got married, and I want to change my last name to my husband's. I called City Hall in Philadephia where we got our marriage license, and they said there's no official government name changing form, but that I have to change it at each individual place (Social Security, DMV, etc.).  Does anyone know for sure if this is true? I assumed I would have to file for an official name change at City Hall or with the PA government before I could change it everywhere else.

Re: changing your name in PA/Philly

  • I'm pretty sure that's the way around the country....They just have on record that you married...that's all they care about.
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  • I live in Lancaster, PA and I'm finding out too that I have to do everything individually.  I also had to do social security first.  I just got it in the mail yesterday (after about a week and a half) and now I can go get my licence changed and everything else. 
  • I live in Lebanon, PA, and yes, you have to wait till you get the marriage certificate back after the wedding.  Once you have that, go to the SS office first.  Then, go to the DMV, after that you can start calling banks, etc.  Some of them may need a copy of the marriage cert.  The SS office needs to see the original copy. 
  • Mrs. Comer is correct. All my advice was to start there. There is a website www.missnowmrs.com that can help with filling out the forms over and over. There's a fee but might be worth it.
  • have you used that website?  just curious about the security of giving out all that info!
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