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I seen in your bio that your using Decorative Sound as your DJ and I've been trying to make a decision between them and Ultimate Nights.  I seemed to get a lot of info. on Ultimate Nights, but not much on Decorative Sound...Do you have any info., such as prices, etc.  Also can you let me know how they were after your wedding?! I really want a fun DJ.

Re: bgskit9

  • edited December 2011
    I'm not sure what their pricing is now, as I booked last year and he informed me that the prices were going up after the first of the year. If I remember correctly we are paying around $800 for unlimited time. His big thing is making sure to play the songs you want him to, and to avoid the songs you tell him you do not want played. He was the DJ at a friends wedding in January and he was wonderful...only played the songs the bride and groom wanted to hear, and he was very attentive to them otherwise as well (do you need another drink? did you get a piece of your cake? etc). In my opinion he was going beyond his duties as a DJ. I also like that he doesn't advertise his business with a big neon sign in front of the DJ booth like some others in the area, and he wears a tux to every event unless you tell him otherwise. So...this is all kind of an outsider's perspective so far as it wasn't OUR wedding, but I hope it helped a little. I will definitely let you know how things go after our wedding!
  • SarahNTylerSarahNTyler member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks that actually helped a lot, I've been hearing so much about Ultimate Nights and wanted to get some info. on Decorative Sound. Thanks!
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