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We are going to be registering soon, and putting that info on our website. However, we are only registering for a small number of things, at two places, as we are planning a fairly expensive honeymoon to Europe and would prefer gifts of money to help us out with that. What is the best way to include that preference on the website, or is there any acceptable way to say it at all? I don't want to break some wedding etiquette rule, but I also don't want people to be confused by our small registry list. Thanks for the advice!

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    Word of mouth by your bridesmaids or your family is really the only way to really do this. Instead of posting it on your website, inform your Mom, FI's Mom, and your MOH + some bridesmaids that they can help spread that. And although I personally am not a fan, you could create one of the honeymoon registries.
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    I agree that you shouldn't really post something on your website about your preference for cash gifts instead of gifts from your registry.  However, you can spread it by word of mouth as PP suggested.It's OK to put a link to your registries on the website, though.  I didn't put any wording really.  I just said that we were registered at Macy's and BBB, and then I put a picture image of both store names (google image search) that linked directly to our registries.I didn't use one of those honeymoon registries, but I have seen friends use them.  I think honeyfund was a popular one.
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    We did an online honeymoon registry - Honeyfund - I would recommend that over putting something regarding cash gifts on your registry....
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    we used and it was a very popular option for our guests.
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