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Hey Everyone!

My soon to be fiance and I Have known eachother for YEARS we already know when we want to get married.. My birthday is in march and we will be getting married a few days after my 18th birthday.. Im kinda nervous Im young but I know its what I want... does anyone have any advise to what we need to pay attention to or get sorted out first?
-Anthony's Girl-

Re: Hey Everyone!

  • i would start looking for places to have the reception and wedding sevice first. then maybe some photographers and dj's. you want to think about what your over all day should be like for the both of you (ex: do you want it to be clasic and formal or trendy and informal) and don't forget to think about the people who you want to be involved in the wedding.

    The most important thing to do is set a budget. I am a hair dresser and have taken a few classes in weddings and the first thing i was taught was people will spend if they are extreamly happy or sad. So if you have a budget you won't be so willing to over spend. Remember this is just one day in a lifetime of happy days to come.
  • Hi i agree with AMJ625 I would set a budget and look for places to have the wedding and reeption... 

    good luck 


    Daisypath - (PNE7)
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