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Have any of you...

Had any doubts throughout the dating, engagement or planning process?  I am only 8 days away and I dont' feel like the blissful bride to be.  Seems like I am getting irritated with FI more than usual.  Is this normal or am I tripping?  Need some good knottie vibes sent my way please.
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Re: Have any of you...

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    its  normal fl gets on my nerves he  loves to nagged.sometimes  i wana reach out  and touch  somebody.once  the  wedding gets here you  will be.I didnt have  doubts with  him.I just  give him the look and he  leaves me alone.
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    To be honest, yes I have doubts but that is because I have a low tolerance level but not just with him but with Everybody...I cut people off quick, but my FI has really helped me be more tolerable, he is a good guy but he can be annoying, but I am not perfect myself...

    Sounds like just a case of cold feet...sending you positive knottie vibes!
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    }}}knottie vibes{{{

    I'd think at this stage in the game, it is just nerves and everything coming to a close. It's here, but not quite, family and friends will start to arrive, last minute things will happen/pop up, etc.

    I have a bad attitude and FH and I have our little disagreements along the way. He got on my nerves and I know I got on his. Nothing major enough to remember the why though, ya know? If nothing is glaringly different, I'd say it's no biggie. The feeling will hit when it hits!

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    I think that's normal. Weddings can bring about more stress than usual. Knottie Vibes Your Way!
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    I agree with pp's. My FI has been really grinding my gears lately but I know im still making the right decision marrying him. He is just annoying sometimes which is probably what your experiencing too. Hope you feel better!
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    Thank you all so much. I think it is stress with all the money we are spending and planning.  In addition, my mother is causing me major stress. I probalby won't talk to her after the wedding.  Me and FI were laughing and talking this morning and tonight we have our bachelor/bachelorette parties.  I appreciate all the honesty and the vibes.
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