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Work Out and Diet Plan

I just started my "Turbo Jam" regimen and also started counting my calories very closely last week and my first week was a success with me losing 4lbs in my first week!! I love the "Turbo Jam" series with Chalene because it makes excercise fun and the 40 minutes just breeze by.

Re: Work Out and Diet Plan

  • whats a turbo jam??
  • Turbo Jam is a series of workout DVD's led by Chalene Johnson.  Beachbody makes these videos (along with ones like Yoga Booty Ballet, P90X, Slim in 6, etc).  The main premise in these videos is that the music is bearable and the moves are not too dancy.  A little bit of dancing plus some kick boxing.  There are several videos; some cardio and some weight training.  Overall, it's pretty enjoyable as far as working out goes!
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