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Tonight's Topic: Icing on the cake

Get a nice surprise during your planning? An unexpected check? Some free goods? Spill it!

Re: Tonight's Topic: Icing on the cake

  • As a matter of fact, we just found out today that my siblings (and other guests) are going to be able to attend our ceremony! Because we had such a small number attending, we were able to tweak our budget and get another helicopter for them. I'm so excited, but I haven't told them yet because I want it to be a surprise. Now FI gets his small ceremony with the helicopter and I get to have my family there. It's perfect :)
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  • Ok, here we go... Well, my florist declared she was pregnant at our first meeting, had the baby 2 weeks ago, my DJ's wife was set to give birth last Monday (has not yet)..I guess there was something in the water here in Columbus!! Lets makeup artist unexpectedly moved out of state about 2 months ago, still has not refunded my sisters deposit ($300!!!!!), our venue is making us hot mulled cider for our wedding reception for free because we told our friends about the venue, and they booked their wedding there too. A few months after I became engaged, one of my bridesmaids told me she was engaged, getting married 2 weeks to the day after me, and I will be one of her bridesmaids. One of our groomsmen was arrested for a DUI, and told us he would not be able to be in the wedding because he would be in rehab (ended up completing a shorter stint in rehab and will be in the wedding, I am VERY glad he went regardless), some good friends of ours who were married agreed to be a bridesmaid and a groomsmen in the wedding, then decided to get a divorce just a bit after they agreed to be in our wedding. They both are still in wedding. Oh, did I mention that said bridesmaid/ex-wife moved in with some dude a few weeks later and just married him in June (said divorce was final in November). Said groomsmen/ex-husband is a tad bitter and both have been warned that I NOT hesitate to keeeeeeelllllll them if either of them make a scene. :) I think that is all....for now...
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  • Wow, Punk! That's definitely some Icing! :PPumpkin, how super awesome is that? I'm a little jealous about this helicopter ride in Vegas. Where do I sign up for that?!?(I wish we could fly somewhere - let alone in a helicopter. J's back surgery won't allow it. GRRRRR)

  • I totally need a helicopter. Whitchys...I have been meaning to compliment you perfect placement of Hypnotoad. Very, very awesome.
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  • Thanks!! I love hypnotoad.
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