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  • Sucrets -- How goes it, hot mama? =)
  • Hi sk!  I'm doing well...been up for 3 hours already, and that's super unusual for me, but it's nice.  I see a nap in my future.
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  • Thanks guys.  It's actually for a teaching position, which s totally random but I think I would love.It went really well I think.  I'm competing against a bunch of college undergrads, so I think that gives me an edge.  Oddly enough, the interviewer's voice sounded exactly like what I imagine ring_pop sounds like.  Do you do that?  Do knotties have made-up voices in your head?  When I read I subconsciously give different voices to everyone.  It's weird.
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  • Do you do that? Do knotties have made-up voices in your head? I do this too. But oddly enough, I don't give anyone regional accents.  Glad the interview went well.
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