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Asking the WP

Hello, I'm new to the posting scene but I have a question about asking people to be in the WP.I am getting married 8/24/10 and I need to go ahead and ask people to be in the WP since the dresses have to be ordered by Jan.I found these really cute cards that say "will you be my bridesmaid" and I fell in love with them. All my prospects live in town except one (she is my cousin). So my question is: Do I mail them or hand them out personally? I don't want anyone to feel pressured with me standing right there and handing it to them, but I don't want them to think it was impersonal of me to mail out cards like that. What do you all think?Oh and one more. MyFI is very shy and doesn't want to ask anyone to be groomsmen. Is this something I should do for him or just make him do it anyway?

Re: Asking the WP

  • If you already bought the cards, it's fine to hand them to them in person and have them open them and then you can share in the moment...they won't have to give you an answer right away if they feel pressured - and you can reassure them of that, if you feel like it might be necessary - "I would be honored if you would be a bridesmaid in our wedding but I also understand if you need to think about it before accepting, so please don't feel any pressure to respond right at this moment." I have just begun asking my friends and am making a point to just ask them in person, over dinner or drinks. But that way it's an individual moment...there's no need, really, for cards or extras. The honor is in being asked. If your FI would prefer not to ask anyone to be a groomsman, that is just fine. It's his decision who (if anyone) he selects to stand on his side and if his decision is not to ask anyone, please respect that and don't "just make him do it anyway."      
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