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Hi, All!I'm getting married in State College in May 2010 and I'm looking for some suggestions for area hair stylists that aren't too expensive. I've seen a few that will charge between $150-200 for hair and makeup and that's a bit more than I would like to spend.Does anyone know of any good stylists (where I can also get makeup) that are cheaper?Thanks!

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    you're best off going with a smaller, local salon owner in that area. I'm sure if you search on google for hair stylists in state college, you'll find someone. I'm personally using someone from bellefonte/zion, which might be cheaper for you than someone in state college. As far as makeup, you can get it done at any of the cosmetic kiosks in department stores at the nittany mall. They will do a trial, and then the day of makeup, but there is like a 3 product purchase requirement. (Not too bad though if you buy cheap things... and if you like the makeup it's a win win!) Hope this helps a little. If you want more specific details, feel free to let me know.
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    i hadn't thought of going to cosmetic kiosks! Great idea! Thanks!
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    Hi Katie!  I'm getting married April 2010 in State also!  I looked into Euphoria Hair Salon located on Calder Way. I found some prices for them.   They priced an "up-do" at $45, make-up at $30, and a simple blow-dry and style at $18.  So for an up-do and make-up, you're looking at $75.  The only catch is if you want to do a trial run of both the hair style and make-up, it's the same price.  Combining it's $150, which I know is what you're not looking to spend.  But, it's worth a shot!  I haven't gotten my hair trial yet, but I plan on using Euphoria's services.    Good luck with your planning!  Have fun!Dana
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