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**Allison&Donnie** - FP Honeymoon

I just started looking into a honeymoon to French Polynesia and I recall you are headed out that way as well.  Can you please give me some info about which hotels you are staying at?  Who is your travel agent?  Any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: **Allison&Donnie** - FP Honeymoon

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    HELLO!!!We are going to Moorea (Hilton) and Bora Bora Intercontinental Thallasso)  for 5 nights each. We went with their top overwater bunglows, so that jacked up the price for us. The price, I believe, ended around $14, 000. Thats including roundtrip airfare from L.A. and insurance. I think the only meals that were included is breakfast at the I.C. Other then that, we are on our own for drinks and meals. But we plan on stocking up on snacks and drinks at local supermarkets and the airports. The travel agent we used is JANET from windycitytravel.comMy FI did all the planning with her, but he said she was the best!Let me know what other questions you may have!!!!PS-if you are looking for something thats isnt so pricey, definately look into FIJI- it is much more reasonable and very beautiful as well. We lucked out, because his parents are taking care of the HM. Otherwise, theres NO WAY we could have afforded it!
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    Thanks Allison.  I reached out to a few travel agents and actually, I'm looking to stay at the same hotels you are staying at.  Looks like we can probably do about 9 nights.  I'm really excited.  Thanks again for the information.
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    ohhhh Allison, once again soooo jealous.  That's where I wanted to go, but was afraid I wouldn't be able to take off enough time with work and such...  I wanted to go there sooo bad.  Agggghhh someday.  You have to get one of those awesome room/hut things on the water!!!We're doing St. Lucia for 10 days instead.  Not too bad of a compromise I suppose.You'll have to let me know how it is!!!  Grrr, so envious though.
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    NO prob!! I have a ton more info if you have any more questions!!!!
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    TonyandStef- we'll Im jealous you are going to ST LUCIA!!! I heard its gorgeous there, and its definitely on our bucket list!!! Cant wait to share reviews!
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