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  • If everyone is traveling no matter what I'd go with a location that you are in love with (destination wedding) or do it where it is most convenient for you and your fi.
  • I suggest choosing a few areas and researching venues in that area to try to get the best price. I've noticed that things here in CT are a lot more expensive than say, TN or GA.
  • Whit - I read it as FMIL has been married twice.
  • FWIW, Las Vegas can do an awesome wedding, with a pretty fun time, and a nice setting..... Everyone has to travel, but everyone has the chance to have fun.  That's why we went there. We did a hotel chapel venue as opposed to a stand along chapel venue.
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  • I'm trying to do something close to a major air port for family that does have to fly but also stay within my price range. I'm all for destination weddings but the FI won't do a wedding without his family being there... all 20 something of close family. and I'm not okay having his mom wanting to do family time on my honeymoon after he's been gone a year. GA, TN, and UT are about the same in price, CA, NV, and TX get a little further up there. I'm definitely a DIY bride on a budget. But with her wanting to dictate so much about the date it's becoming difficult. I'm lucky that all of the wedding party will travel and all but 2 BM have their attire. My family travels regaurdless and don't care as long as I'm happy. But if the FMIL doesn't come... neither will half of his family...
  • OP - MIL tried to get DH and I to go to a family reunion in FL the weekend after the wedding. She said that we could honeymoon beforehand and then go to the reunion. Um, no. We wanted to go elsewhere, and we did.
  • Ah ok, ggmae. That's what I thought, but I was just curious what the second wedding of her FMIL had to do with anything.
  • My recommendation - pick a city that Southwest flies into, like Nashville.  They have "regular" airlines too, but that gives you the most flexibility for cheap airfare.  And, Nashville is a cool city to begin with.  Another thing to consider - a city with good public transportation will make logistics for your OOT guests easier.  Realistically, you could pick 2 or 3 cities like this, and go to the local boards for those cities and get recs from the knotties who live there.  As for your MIL - just stop discussing the details with her, and send an invite when the time comes.  If she doesn't attend the wedding, trust me - it will look bad for HER, not your FI.  We went to a wedding recently where the groom's parents weren't there, and it really wasn't obvious like you'd think it might be.  It certainly didn't reflect poorly on the groom.
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