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I love my husband

He must have told me happy birthday 10 times today. After work, he gave me presents (a new digital camera, a case and memory card for it, and the Louie Giglio Passion Talk series on DVD). Then he took me to dinner and we went to see a drive-thru Christmas lights display that we go to every year near where we live. It was such a fun night and I am so happy to have him as my husband (not because of the presents, but because of his wonderful heart). Just had to share with you girls...

Now it's your turn! Tell me why you love YOUR husband or fiance!   Smile

Re: I love my husband

  • That's so sweet!  I love my DH for many reasons but today it is especially because he is driving 6 hours round-trip with me to see my Grandma so that I can see her for Christmas.  She is almost 92 and I'm not sure how many more Christmases I have with her.
  • I love my FI because he's SO supportive of things he knows mean a lot to me. I have put on a lot of weight lately (due to medications, not being able to work out, etc) and had considered trying the Paleo diet, my Dr suggested it given my medical history. FI not only agreed to support me, he took me grocery shopping last night and cleared everything else out of the house - he is eating Paleo with me!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your H is too sweet, I'm glad you're having a great day with him. (or you were.. I just noticed you posted this yesterday lol)

    My H is amazing simply for the fact that he loves me for me no matter what I do and what my downfalls are. He's always there for me no matter what with kind words and I've never experienced that in a relationship before him. I also love watching how he is with our dog, and know if he's that fun and caring with her, that he'll be an amazing father.
  • I love my husband because he treats me like a princess. He makes an excellent house-husband, too. (Work has been slow for him, so while I'm at the office, he's been doing the dishes and cleaning house.) ;)
    And the other day he woke up early on his day off to shovel the driveway for me while I got ready for work. :)
  • Happy Birthday!

    I love my FI because he is my best friend and we have so much fun together. He treats me like I am his princess and he is my everything! Today is our 6 year anniversary! 

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  • I love my husband because he just spent the past three days comforting me as I am dealing with the death of my grandfather. We had the wake yesterday and the funeral today and he has been there through it all, spending time with my family, holding me while I cry myself to sleep. He has just been everything I need at a tough time like this. He is also really cute :P
  • That sounds like a wonderful birthday! I seriously don't think I could even begin to name all the reasons why I love FI. He's the one that God made for me and it can't get more perfect than that...well...until I can call him my husband of course!
  • happy birthday! i looooove my H because he's so supportive of me. i'm trying to find a better job and it's been a big struggle due to lots of miscommunication so it's been really stressful for me and he's been a big help keeping me from getting stressed. 
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  • Thanks girls! Sounds like all your FI's and H's are super sweet! 

    Summerkutie- I feel the same way about how my H is with our dog, too! Dogs (and I imagine all pets) are really good prep for kids! Haha.

    FaithCaitlin- Happy anniversary! 6 years is exciting! 

    randlettandfraleigh- I am so sorry about your grandfather. I will say a prayer for your family. 

    kcadonau- I hope your search for a job is successful! 
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