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Any suggestions or reviews on this place? As mentioned before, my sister is changing her venue due to craziness seriously and we're looking for a new venue. This one was recommended but I have no history with this place, so any info you can give would so helpful. Thanks guys.

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    I think there are some girls on thenest who got married there.  Mrsmozzarella maybe?
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    thanks GT. This is so frustrating, I'm tired of calling ppl and feeling like an idiot for 2.5 months out. I keep telling them we have to change venues and they want to talk more about the reason for change rather than the pricing of their venue. UGH!
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    FI and I checked out Kimball Hall and really weren't too impressed. It was very open and had huge windows, which was really pretty. We didn't like how the whole room was a wood floor and there didnt seem like there was much space for a "dance floor". We were supposed to meet with the coordinator, but she was closing on a 2nd house and sent her floral coord. instead. She wasn't very helpful in answering our questions and we never got a quote from them at all...I guess they didn't really care about getting our business. The coordinator was super nice on the phone, but we never got to meet her. You may have a different experience with them cuz I know some girls loved the place but it definitely wasn't for us, nor did we feel like they wanted us.
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