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Chatham Bars Inn October wedding

Trying to decide between the Main Inn dining room or the Beach House...any feedback much appreciated!

Re: Chatham Bars Inn October wedding

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    Both are stunning, but have very different feels.  I think you should go with whatever fits the type of day/evening that you would prefer - with the main dining room being much more formal, and the beach house being slightly more relaxed. 
    It also depends if you'd like to be directly on the water.
  • Thank you.  I am having an evening wedding.  I like the beach feel but wondering about the weather and the older guests at the wedding.  Also, not sure about the clear plastic protectors that will likely have to be in place for October.  Wondering if anyone else had a later season wedding in Beach house and had any input?
  • I would assume that it will be colder down on the water in the evening by that point (though who knows with the weather these days!) and so the plastic might be in place.  I'm sure they would be able to make that a day-off decision for you.

    Do you have a bunch of older guests and/or mobility issues?  If so, I'd probably go main dining room just for comfort.  The beach grille is deep enough that they probably wouldn't be too cold, but it does have the crushed shell parking lot, and is downhill from the main building.
    The dining room is accessible from the valet parking in the back (so all pavement and even floors, and I don't recall any stairs at all there).  It's a bit of a longer walk for them to the restoom, but still all even and carpeted, with plenty of places to sit.
  • I went to a conference at CBI in October. It was cold and rainy the entire week.  I was glad we were in the main part of the inn. 
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