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Reconsidering my jewelry options

For the fun of it, I'm considering having one of these commissioned, possibly for the RD or boudoir photos.  FI's favorite game "off all time" is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and this is the amulet you have to wear in order to get engaged/married in the game:  

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Re: Reconsidering my jewelry options

  • I like it for boudoir photos. Its very different and almost viking(ish). Actually, I love it! I say do it!
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  • I agree - that would be hot for boudoir photos ;)
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  • Yes for the bodoir photos such a great idea!  He will absolutely love it I bet.  I need to figure out what jewelry I want to do and find my clothes.  I know I am wearing one of his old tshirts but so far thats it
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