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San Jose/Beaches Caterer - help, please

I am getting married at a private home in Aptos in September 2010 and need to find a caterer in the San Jose/Santa Cruz/Monterey area.  Do any of you ladies know of anyone GREAT???  I am definitely not one of those "money is no object" brides, but the food at our wedding is really important to me so I am willing to splurge on this.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  (If it matters, I am having about 100 people and a pretty traditional evening reception.)P.S. I am new to this board, but agree - let's wake it up!

Re: San Jose/Beaches Caterer - help, please

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    I'll check with my friend that's looking to get married in the area. I think most of the places she's found happen to have on site catering, but I'll see what she's researched. We definitely need to do something to get everyone interested.
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