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Does anyone know the price of packages at Woodwinds in Branford?  How about the winter packages for Villa Biance in Seymour?  I understand the reasoning for not having prices listed but it bugs me.

Re: Reception Hall Prices

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    We booked with Woodwinds in August. The packages as of then were: Renaissance I $90pp Renaissance II $80pp Renaissance III & IV $68pp PLUS 18% gratuity and 6% sales tax not included in those prices! We got a 15% discount for booking on a Sunday, but I heard they have so many dates filled for 2010 that they may no longer be offering that discount. HTH!
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    We got married at Villa Bianca in March.  We paid $70pp for a Saturday afternoon.   That included all taxes hot and cold apps, dinner, cake, 5 hour open bar and flower center pieces.  We also used the chapel and that was $500 I know they have a winter package thats like $125pp that also includes limo, photog, and dj as well
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    The prices for Woodwinds is on their website. Woodwinds was actually on our top 2 but ended up going with Waterview. I think you do get like a 10-15% discount for Nov-March. When we went there in Sept was told that the only date they have left was 10/22 or 10/23 for 2010 or we have to wait til 2011! Def bring someone who is not afraid to bargain with them. My FI got them to lower the highest package down to $105 including tax & gratuity. I'm sure if you are having a winter wedding you can get it even lower.
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    Hi Pasternakjenn! My FI and I are having are reception at Villa Bianca this March 2010 and there winter prices are wondeful!!!!!!!!  Our price per person is $95 (and thats with tax and gratuity included).  That is a 6 hour reception w/ a 6 hour open bar, hot & cold apps., sit down 5 course dinner, includes a vinetian table (with ice sculpture), our wedding cake, limo for 3 hours, flowers, and a room at the inn for the night!  That was there max package for winter, they had two other packages that were less expensive and included a whole lot!  So I would seriously look into them for a winter wedding!  And the staff there is wonderful!!!! If you have any more questions feel free to email me at [email protected]  
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    Ooopss I also forget to say this is for an evening wedding on a Saturday :-D
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    Thanks so much everyone! You were all very helpful :)
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