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How far in advance did your dress arrive and how did you store it until the big deal? In a garment bag hanging in a closet? Lying flat? Wrapping it in something? I've heard a number of things. I have both my qipao and wedding dress (came in last weekend!) in my possession now, and I'm still seven months out from the wedding. I've got the white dress in the garment bag that came with the dress, but I've heard things about yellowing or negative effects of hanging a dress by its hanger straps (my dress is strapless and not exactly what I'd call light). Any tips you can pass along? Is it anything to be worried about? Thanks in advance! :)

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    Mine arrived 3-1/2 months early and I just took it home and hung it up in its garment bag.  It was hung on two plastic hangers and the sewn in hanger straps were strong enough (that's what they're designed for!). The boning in the dress helped the dress itself keep its shape. Mine was pretty light though, it had barely any beading. As far as yellowing goes... my best guess is that synthetic fabrics should be fine as long as the dress remains clean.
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    Awesome -- thanks for the advice! :) My white dress arrived three months earlier than what the shop originally estimated, so it's just chillin' in my closet for now. I figure I should just keep it out of sunlight and with enough space in the closet so that it doesn't get squished. P.S. I just noticed today on The Dress board (where I guess I could have looked before) that the girls there also mention wrapping it in a white sheet, sticking it under the bed, or adding cedar blocks for anyone that feels as though they need to do more or are keeping their dresses in storage for a longer period of time.
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    I had my dress hanging in the closet in the plastic bag and hangers that came from the dress shop for 5 months and didn't do anything special with it. I hadn't even considered doing anything special. But, I just had my bustle appt and the dress still looked great (no discoloration). It's now at the salon and I don't pick it up until a few days before the wedding. The dress will be steamed before the wedding, so just make sure that it doesn't get caught in anything in your closet.
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