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New Hampshire

Bride2Bride in Haverhill MA - RUDE

I'm on a budget and looking for creative ways to save on a dress. I heard of bride2bride in Haverill and called them...multiple times, but never got someone on the phone. No, I didn't leave a voicemail, as I was always at work and just trying to get someone on the phone. Instead, I emailed, since this is 2012....

The first email was asking if they carried two lines I was interested in, the second was a week later saying i'd like to make an appointment and haven't heard back yet...the third email was to express my frustration that they cannot respond and seem to have poor customer service. 

Below is the incredibly rude and condescending response I received after the third email:

"We receive thousands of e-mails mostly sales non -sense.  We do not make appointments via e-mails.  All our ads & our website clearly states "call 978-374-2222" for an appointment.  Not sure why someone needing an urgent appointment would not call.

You are more than welcome calling us at 978-374-2222 to make an appointment.  Also as a correction we are not a consignment shop.  We are a gown liquidator.
Thank you."

No, they did not address me by name. Second, I HAD called, they never seem to be open/answering the phones, and third, why tell me they're not consignment when the very word is in their title/website address??

These people are obviously completely unprofessional, I would love to find a consignment dress but will stick to sites like recycledbride.com etc. that I have found instead. I wanted to post on local boards so other brides can know about this rude experience before wasting their time. Thanks for reading. 

Re: Bride2Bride in Haverhill MA - RUDE

  • Thank you for the heads up. I'm really sorry for your bad experience. Happy Dress Hunting!
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  • I'm sorry you had a bad experience there, hopefully you can find a store that carries a perfect dress for you! Good luck in dress shopping!
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  • Try DAALS on hildale ave I went there for alterations for my wedding gown and they charged me 250 less then davids bridal wanted and they did more. The have some beautiful gowns and they will work with you. Hope this helps they are real nice and very helpful
  • I checked out that place and I'm not quite sure why she would say it is NOT a consignment shop. When I was in there, it seemed to be just the owner as the only worker (while also caring for her school-aged daughter) so my guess is that they are extremely short-handed.  Even so, I agree that is a very rude response and not good customer service.  The woman was very attentive to me while there - so much so that she wouldn't even let me look and just kept pulling things out that were not even close to what I was trying to explain to her that I wanted. it was not a good experience and when she excused herself to go in the back for a  moment I took the opportunity to leave.  I ended up buying my dress at David's Bridal during one of their sales.
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  • Thanks for the tips to other places! 
  • Thanks for the tips to other places! 
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