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Bridesmaid gifts

I'm haveing trouble figuring out what to get my bridesmaids. I was looking at jewelry but one of my bridesmaids and I were in a wedding in September and we got necklaces and then my maid of honor (I refuse to call her matron it makes her sound old) was the bride who gave us the necklaces. I was thinking about getting them spafinder gift cards so they could relax after helping me deal with all my wedding stresses but would a gift card be to inpersonal?  I'd greatly appreciate others thoughts

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    I'm doing jewelry and chocolate for my girls, but I think a spa certificate would be a great gift.  If you feel it's too impersonal, you could do a spa day with your maids before the wedding and pay for a selected service for them.
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    I agree with duibheasa, a gift card to a great store or a great spa is definitely not impersonal if you go with them!  

    If you are thinking jewelry, clutches, or other accessories, I definitely recommend taking a look at (you can get things that are pretty original for a good price)
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    I am most likely going to be buying my bridesmaid's shoes for them as their gift. Some of them are tight on money and I want them to all have to same shoes so it seemed practical and fun! (the shoes are leopard since I am getting married at the Wild Animal Park)
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    Is it a good gift to get each of them a massage the morning of the wedding? Or should I get them something tangible??
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    Omg that sounds rad, getting married at the wild animal park!!! You go girl
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    Wasn't sure if I could organize a spa day with everything else going on so I ended up with Jewelry different style pearl bracelets for each girl so they can wear it for the wedding and each one fits there style so they can wear it after too.  Thanks for the input.
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