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North Carolina-Outer Banks


Hi Ladies,
I'm in the process of trying to figure out whether to have a house wedding or have a wedding at a venue.  From what I'm hearing pricing ends up being just about the same either way, maybe tend to be a little more for having it at a home.

Anyway, I'm writing to see if any brides who have had their wedding at Rendezvous are still connected to the board and would be willing to share their wedding pictures with me.  I'm really looking for ideas of how to decorate a home for a wedding and really make the best use of the gorgeous space these homes do offer.

My email is drcamilleri18 @ gmail . com if you are willing to share.

Thanks so much in advance!

Re: Rendezvous

  • dwfangirldwfangirl member
    edited December 2011
    I am having my wedding reception at Rendezvous in just under three months!  Check out this site: http://www.neilgt.com/crashaboda/2009/12/real-weddings-laura-and-josh/

    If you search the board for Rendezvous, you should find a few brides you can PM... I am in touch with one also from Boston who got married there... 
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    Thanks so much...
    How is your planning going?
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    I just had to say that I looooved the Rendezvous....if it wasn't already booked solid for the timeframe we were looking, I would have loved it. I think the layout is perfect to have the wedding there. We are planning our wedding to take place at a house (the Fitzgerald) and are in love with the idea of having everything our own with no restrictions. The only thing with the home idea, is that you end up doing a lot yourself...unless you were in the market to hire a wedding planner. Good luck with your decision.
  • dwfangirldwfangirl member
    edited December 2011
    drcamilleri - It's going great!  I am super excited with just over 2 months to go... The only thing that is tricky is contingency planning... We are of course planning to have the reception outside on the lawn, but if it's raining, we're going to have it on the top floor.  Thinking about how to decorate those two spaces (outside vs. top floor) is a little overwhelming.  I'm focusing on the outside and sort of loosely thinking about how it would/ could translate inside.  The vendors are also REALLY helpful.  This is a very popular wedding house and all my vendors have done weddings there before, so they have a good idea of where they are going to set up, etc.    
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