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Platinum Brides- Service charge?

For anyone using Platinum, does the service charge include gratuity or did you tip on top of it? I never bothered to ask what the service charge covers.. so the thread below about Maggie's got me thinking. I booked an all-inclusive package so the tax and "service charge" were included.

Re: Platinum Brides- Service charge?

  • Not sure. but I am actually off to Vegas tomorrow and then meeting with Nicole at Platinum on thursday so I will ask!
  • Every vendor we worked with that had a 'service charge' it was 20% and was used to cover the tips for the service staff, they just call it service charge to make it sound nicer.  I did casually ask a few of the staff at our reception restaurant the following night (we went back to have dinner again) and confirmed they did get tipped out.

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  • I tipped the banquet manager $100 and I threw the bartender an extra $20. I should have tipped him more, he was awesome. I don't think you need to tip beyond the service charge, but I felt those two people went above and beyond. And if the banquet captain split it with the servers, even better.
  • Thanks for the feedback.. I think I will bring a bit of extra cash to tip the barstaff. 
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