holy crap 18 days before we leave!!!

Hiya ladies!

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ok just had to get that out the way! lol Time is FLYING by so fast! Thankfully my wrist is on the mend, I won't have to wear a hideous brace for the wedding, but I will have to put it on after the pix :-(. One good thing is my brace is smaller now, almost looks like a 2band black bracelette.

Some bad news: my cousin (and only person from my family going) JUST found out she can't go now :-( misread her financial aid info so there goes her $$ for the trip. It will be me, FI and his mom. Here is the awkward part: I'm fine hanging out with her the day of, but it's our HONEYMOON too so how does one politely ditch one's MIL? Of course I'm not gonna REALLY do that, but I'm not looking forward to spending family time on our honeymoon....cross your fingers she leaves the day after the wedding. I love her to death, but it's our time to be alone and I'm not into sharing on this occasion.

Things to do in the next 2wks:
-pick up my dress from alterations tomorrow!
-finish shopping for HI clothes
-attemp to buy FI a shirt for the wedding (most likely will buy in HI cuz he's SOOO picky lol)
-pack up the luggage
-convice my sister to stay at my place while we're gone (so she can drop us off and pick us up from the airport)
-not touch FI until we land in HI (per our no nookie arrangement, was gonna be 30days, but we couldn't hang lol 2wks is good enough)
-oh, and write my vows LOL

So that's my life (among my regular work and wifely duties). I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I got a tip from one of you fabulous knotties (sorry don't remember which though) I need to Google "things all brides forget". Ok ladies, my day is over here at work. I'm outta here. have a wonderful day gals!
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Re: holy crap 18 days before we leave!!!

  • Hi!  We must leave around the same time!  We leave on the 16th, you?  I can't believe it's so close either.  I'm taking FI to get his first pedi this weekend so he can have nice feet for the wedding.  Tongue Out  We're also going with just my FIL, luckily his GF decided to join us last minute.  However we are staying for two weeks and they'll only be there for the first week so we'll be able to get some alone time.

    I'm SURE your MIL would know better than to be cramping your style during your honeymoon! I'm sure she'll be fine to hang out on the beach by herself while you guys do stuff together for a few hours.  

    Which island are you getting married on?  We'll be in Maui.  

    Congratulations to you and your soon to be hubby!!!
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  • Lol, I love your posts. Seriously you lighten the whole wedding stress just putting it out there. 
    You should ask your FMIL if when she is planning on leaving. We are down to 9 for our guest list. My youngest brother was dx with a life threatening blood disorder last year and with medical bills they just can't justify the trip for 5 of them right now. I was sad but life happens. 
    Both of you must be freaking out being so close. Heck I am freaking out at 42 days. lol 
    @Tacori, we will be there for two weeks also. Are you moving around or staying in one place? 
    @Mrs. M, my Father set up parking at his condo near our airport so we won't have to pay for parking for two weeks. So glad for that. It would have run us at least $150. 
    I have two more weeks of my work project and then back to full wedding mode. Can't wait. FH and I are going away mid Sept. to relax so we can just go with the flow. Can't wait for your reviews. 
    Again love your posts, keep updating as you get closer. Smile
  • @Tacori: we leave on the 17th! I think we are date twins! Sept 20th right? We are staying on Oahu for the week that we'll be there. I find out from FMIL how long she'll be there.  I seriouisly thought I'd know this info already, but I guess last minute is how this is gonna roll. I wouldn't have minded if my FSIL was going, but she bailed last minute too so FMIL is by herself now. I'm sure she won't wanna stay long and be all in our honeymoon business, but we shall see. I told FH if she is there too long we get a "do over" honeymoon for Christmas and our 1yr anniversary is gonna be in Vegas at the iHeartRadio concert next year lol (I have been soooo tempted to try and win tix, but not cutting our honeymoon for drunken Vegas partying, it would be just my luck to win and can't go lol). Congrats to you and your future hubby too! if you guys intend to stop by Oahu, let me know, we could go for a drink or something :-)

    @FSForever: best of luck on your work project! with 18days to go it still hasn't fully hit that this is go time. I'm sure the week of I'll be hyperventilating lol. I'm sorry to hear about your baby bro, I know that must be hard for the family, I'll keep you guys in my prayers! Even if my sister doesn't stay at our place, I'll give her my car for the week to bribe her to be our ride, that should work lol. I just can't stand the though of paying for parking.

    Well I guess I should get back to work :-( see you gals later!
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  • OMG I'm so excited for you!!!!  I enjoy reading your posts as well because they always cheer me up!

    It's going to go by soooooo quickly!!  :-)
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