Hey ladies, I know I haven't been on here for an eternity. Turns out wedding planning and the rest of life didn't leave much chill time to check TK and the 50 wedding blogs I had originally read in the first 12 months of my engagement. I did some lurking. I will eventually post vendor reviews, although I will have few because most of the wedding was DIY. 
I've had this frustration chewing at me for a few weeks now, and couldn't think of a better place to blow off some of the steam/ get opinions than here. So here goes....
My photographer. He had a special running, and I jumped. We were on an extreme budget (that continued to shrink as the wedding drew nearer.) Photography was the number one most important thing to me, and I'm really glad I was able to hire a professional. One bummer was that there wasn't enough time to get some of the pictures I had had in mind. I try not to dwell on it. 
The difficult part, for me, is that we were promised (not written in the contract) some "instant gratification photos" within a week of the wedding, posted on facebook. I'm sure many of you know of these- the 2-10 photos many professionals will post on their site or blog shortly afterwards. Well, we impatiently awaited these to show up...the first week we didn't notice because we were on our honeymoon and steering away from all electronics. After three weeks, I noticed my photographer's facebook page said he was shooting another wedding. THE NEXT DAY he posted a picture of that bride and groom. At first, I was only a little ticked. I sent him an email- a very happy, positive, polite email inquiring about our "instant gratification" photos. He responded with a half-a$$ed excuse and said he'd get to it asap.
The next day he posted one fantastic picture of my husband and I. By then, he had also posted three more photos of the other more recent wedding. It's been six and a half weeks, and that is the only picture of his I've seen; yet I've seen many more of the other wedding posted. 
Now I understand my photographer has a very busy life as well. I get that, really. 
I feel judged. Maybe it's part of post-wedding blues? I'm not sure. But every photo he posts of the beautiful wedding and the gorgeous bride...I feel as if my wedding was denounced by this other one because he liked it better: it was more expensive, the bride skinnier, it was in a beautiful location. 
Am I insane? Am I presuming too much? My entire engagement I forced myself not to compare others' weddings to what mine would be. I was proud that my wedding was unique and exemplified my husband's and my style and relationship. I still think these things, but I have this crappy feeling that won't leave me; that I was and am being judged by my photographer.

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  • Here's the picture, in case anyone wanted to see it...
  • Sorry you had to deal with the frustrations that many vendors leash upon a bride on her special day.my friend dealt with a similar issue i'd say every bride no matter shape or size looks beautiful on her wedding day not one more than the other and there is no question you look absolutely stunning in your wedding picture!
  • Your photog sounds like a jerk :(  Sorry you had to deal with a snooty vendor.

    You and your H look fantastic in the photo, and your bouquet is amazing!  Feel free to AW more photos <3
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  • Thank you for sharing your picture. It's beautiful. Hope you get the rest soon. Would you mind sharing who your photog is so I can make sure that we don't book them, and also tell friends to be cautious. Hope your wedding and honeymoon went swell


  • Your photo is beautiful!

    It sounds like you've been a really patient and nice bride with him. Maybe all those other brides whose pictures he posted have been really ... pushy (for a lack of a better word).

    Presumably, you spent the same amount to book him as these other brides that had more expensive weddings, so there's really no reason why he should be snubbing your pictures.
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