Real trees as Favors?

I recently found a place online that provides saplings for wedding favors.  Has anyone done this?  Is this a good idea?
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Re: Real trees as Favors?

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    I've heard of other knotties doing this. I think it'd be a cute idea unless I were an oot guest, then I probably wouldn't want to have to deal with the trouble of taking care of it until I got home. But thats just my opinion.
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    I love the idea, I would be happy to get one. I suggested it but Fi said no
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    Its a cute idea in theory but doesn't really work in practice.  I've seen it done a few times before and know that at least 3/4 of the trees were never planted either because the guest didn't really care to or because the tree type picked wasn't really native to their area.  I went to a wedding in Florida in which they gave out a very wet-warm weather tree.  Well, tree got thrown away because it never would've survived the Chicago winter.
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    I agree that it's a good idea in theory, but there's a few flaws.

    - The tree you give probably wouldn't work in all climates.
    - OOT guests would have a hard time traveling with it.
    - Not all your guests probably have houses and they wouldn't have anywhere to plant it.
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    It would be ideal if you could carve out a time to all plant the saplings together in an area where you know someone will watch them.  My experience has been that half die because people don't end up planting, or plant and then don't take care.
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