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A couple questions!

So the DJ for my wedding is a good friend of the family. He has his own DJ company. He will be DJing, along with his son.. who is in his 30's.  I plan to invite the DJ's Wife and they also have another son (who is also in his 30's)... do I just send an invite to them as I normally would if they were an ordinary guest? Do I include the two sons with guests, even though one of them I know for sure will be DJing at my wedding?

Similar situation with our videographer.. he is the groom's cousin... we would normally invite him with a guest.. but since he will be working at our event, do we invite him solo or include a guest on the invite?

Re: invite help

  • I would invite them as guests. If the son's live at home with their parents, they should still get their own invitation since they're over 18. Do you know if the sons are dating anyone? I'd probably give them a guest, and they can decide whether or not to bring someone. The DJing son might not bring someone since they'd not be with each other much that night, ya know. 

    I'd give the videographer a guest as well, and let them decide. 
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