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October 2012 Weddings

Bridal Shower Suprise Slip Up

Well my mom and MOH intended the date to remain a surprise but FI slipped and now I know my bridal shower is this weekend.  I still don't know exactly which day or where it is but I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda bummed I know.

FI wasn't thinking and I think he feels bad he ruined the surprise. (There was some family drama, he was annoyed with my mother because of something she said about his mother and he let it slip...) Ugh, oh well... I just feel bad because I know mom and MOH were excited to surprise me and they've done an excellent job keeping the date secret up until now.  I think Mom's a little bummed too but she also knows she sort of opened the door when she said what she said about FMIL.

I'm trying to let it go and just get excited that it's this weekend. At least now, I can figure out what exactly I want to wear to the shower and be a little more prepared.  Still, I'm bummed. =/ FI is really stressed with work and I think he just didn't understand that this was supposed to be a special day for me (something I've really never had) and that it meant and still does mean a lot to me that my mom is doing this for me. Meh...

Re: Bridal Shower Suprise Slip Up

  • The same thing happened to me the other day.  Although I did know about the shower and the date, one of my best friends accidently slipped up and told me about one of the surprises that my mom and sister are planning.  I was so bummed out and really upset.  I just love surprises and didn't want to know.  I moved on and just decided not to tell my mom and sister I know so they wouldn't be upset.  But I totally know how you feel.  Just keep in mind that if FI didn't slip up, someone else probably would have.  I'm sure your shower will be fantastic!  (And now you can find comfort in knowing you will be wearing exactly what you wanted!)
  • I'm sure the shower will still be a blast (and a surprise), even though it's no longer a complete surprise.  Like you said, now you can make sure that you look nice for it and don't show up in jeans and a ratty t-shirt.  Try not to be bummed about it anymore (I'm sure your FI notices and feels bad) and remember that it will still be fun, because you will be sharing an afternoon with people that care about you.

  • Like everyone said...put it aside and start getting excited about all the other surprises they have in store and about the great outfit you will wear and what an amazing job everyone did keeping it a secret until now! It will be great and full of suprises! 
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  • My shower was also supposed to be a surprise but my mom held out her date book and I saw Kim's shower on the 25. She didn't do it on purpose.  I was upset about it but now I know that I can pick out what  I want to wear and i will still be surprised by who is there and what decorations they use and such.

    Also funny story - I told FMIL that I did know about the shower and she said she was relieved because she was afraid to give it away.  They have a calendar on their fridge and she wrote 'shower' on the date but thought that maybe she shouldn't have done that and so to fix it she made rain drops around it so if i saw it, I would think it meant rain shower. lol she is a kook!
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  • Thanks for all the positive words! It turns out FMIL and FI's aunt are traveling to our city on Friday and staying with us. I would have totally figured it out then anyway! So now, I'm finally letting it go and starting to get really excited!  I have my dress picked out (bought a cute orange dress from The Limited a few months ago on sale and never had an opportunity to wear it yet!) 

    So now, I'm cleaning the house like a crazy person before the in-laws arrive and getting super excited. I still have no idea where the shower is being held so that'll be a fun surprise and as pp said I don't know who is coming either!  So yay! Fun stuff for sure!

    Thanks again, everyone!
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