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Since  I did questions yesterday, and I'm seriously exhausted this morning.. I thought we could do this today?  The board has been pretty dead all week, but here goes nothing!!

This is a little different, we're going to be guessing why or how some people are famous (or infamous) from History.  (This is because I'm to total History Buff and I'm craving a history fix..)

How to play:
First player names someone from history.
Next player answers with one of their fame inducing things & a new person to guess about.
Person 1: Wilbur Wright
Person2: One of the Wright Brothers who helped to invent the fixed wing air plane.
Person 2: Princess Di

Easy and Fun right? Hopefully!

Anne Boleyn

Re: Historical People

  • wife of King Henry VIII who caused him to split from the Catholic Church and create the Church of England, to allow the divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

    Paul Revere

  • Anne Boleyn She was the queen of England and was beheaded. Fun fact: I went on a European trip when I was in high school and we saw the building in which her death took place. New person: Gouverneur Morris
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    Paul Revere: An American Patriot in the Revolutionary War, most famous for warning the Colonial Militia of the coming British attack.

    Gouverneur Morris: The Penman of the Constitution!! Fun Fact: He enrolled in College (Kings College) at the age of 12.

    This is a hard one maybe... Madame Léontine Pauline Aubart
  • Nope, no idea and I don't want to cheat on google. Someone smart help us out!! :)
  • No clue... and I'll be good like Irish and not use google.

    SN - I love history.
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  • Okay.. That one was probably a little bit TOO hard.. I only know who she is because I'm a huge history nut, and I have a slight obsession with the Titanic.  She was an opera singer, but she's really more famous because she was Benjamin Guggenhiem's mistress.  She survived the sinking though...

    George Washington Carver
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